Searchmetrics is the most advanced SEO platform available on the market today. It was developed for specialized SEO agencies as well as SEO specialists and has the most accurate, up-to-date data. 

As an official and certified Searchmetrics partner we offer you as a customer, SEO agency or freelancer licenses for the Searchmetrics Suite at top conditions. 

The Searchmetrics Suite has the following modules:

  • Dashboard: allows a detailed yet uncomplicated overview of the SEO development of your website. 

  • Search Experience: ideal for keyword tracking and analysis of the performance of your website and competitors.   

  • Content Experience: data-based support for writing and optimizing high-quality SEO texts.   

  • Site Experience: finds the technical weaknesses of a page with the help of a crawler and gives recommendations for correction. 

  • Research Cloud: provides real-time competitive analysis that helps you discover SEO potential and measure content performance. 

For you as a customer, we offer the licenses on a modular basis for individual projects. So you can work with the modules you need for your personal project.

Searchmetrics Research Cloud

With a keyword database of over 50 petabytes of data, the Searchmetrics Suite is one of the most comprehensive and complete platforms for performing keyword search and competitive analysis.

These datasets are updated monthly and sometimes even weekly. Users thus receive current datasets for 30 countries. 

The Research Cloud is ideal for:  

  • keyword search 

  • analysis of the SEO performance of your own website 

  • analyzing the competition 

  • a quick and easy overview of content performance 

  • building an SEO strategy 

It is therefore a keyword search tool that is not limited to an SEO dimension, but is qualitatively superior in many areas.

For this reason, we recommend the Research Cloud to freelancers and smaller in-house SEO departments with limited capacities who nevertheless want to develop and implement high-quality SEO measures. 


  • Free access to the Research Cloud 

Searchmetrics Content Experience

The “Content Experience” module is probably the heart of the Searchmetrics suite. It has a unique and powerful content editor that makes the complicated and complex task of writing SEO-optimized texts much easier.

Using modern technologies such as machine learning, the content analysis software can analyze, evaluate and even suggest improvements to the quality of your texts and those of the competition. For example, users are given a list of keywords and the number of keywords to use. This is a novelty that no other content analysis software has. 

The Searchmetrics Content Experience includes: 

  • Thematic keyword search with search intention and seasonality  

  • Information on existing content from the competitive environment 

  • Competitiveness of own texts  

  • Text analysis for good readability and duplicate content 

  • Shows weaknesses in content   

With the Content Editor you can write texts like a professional content marketer, saving time and money. It is therefore particularly well suited for SEO/content marketing freelancers with a solid customer base and companies who want to invest actively in SEO. 

This package includes not only the Content Experience, but also the Research Cloud and the Search Experience. The Search Experience is an excellent complement to the Content Experience that allows you to track your keywords. 

This makes this package ideal for developing and implementing a fully-fledged SEO strategy. 


  • Free, unrestricted access to the Research Cloud and Content Experience + Search Experience 

Full Experience

With this Searchmetrics license you have access to all modules at a much lower price. Apart from the Research Cloud, Content and Search Experience, you can also use the Site Experience module, which is ideal for technical analysis of your website.  

With the regular crawls you can create individually, you receive valuable information about your domain and which faults the search engines find on your site. This is extremely important because a website has to be SEO-technically optimized, otherwise even the best content cannot provide good SEO performance. 

The Site Experience covers the following areas: 

  • Page indexability 

  • Metadata 

  • Page speed 

  • Page structure 

  • Broken and faulty links 

With this Searchmetrics license you can formulate and implement all possible SEO measures. From strategy building and keyword search in the Research Cloud, to the creation of professional SEO texts in the Content Experience, to the technical analysis of your site. This package gives you full control. 

It is the perfect option for agencies with a digital marketing focus and medium to large companies with in-house SEO capacities who want to perform a complete technical and content-related search engine optimization of their website. 


  • Free access to all modules (Research Cloud and Content Experience + Site Experience and Search Experience) 

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