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H-einz: the simplest marketing dashboard solution on the market.

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brilliantly simple

simply useful

Easy Marketing Dashboard

H-einz makes it easy to evaluate your online marketing data.

Your data in perfect view

  • We create a real-time dashboard from a variety of sources.

  • Monitor and visualize your KPIs - without waiting times and always up to date.

  • The clear visualization of large amounts of data helps you to make the right decisions for your business. 

So you don't have to do it yourself

Don't want to spend hours searching for and summarizing your marketing data from different platforms?

With H-einz you get all the relevant figures of your data-driven marketing at a glance and in one report.

The pre-built dashboard from H-einz offers you a clear visualization of your online performance. Save money and time and focus on the essentials: your business.

Lots of data

One dashboard

Your H-einz dashboard brings light to the darkness of the numbers jungle: it combines your data in one place - visualized and in real time. Choose from hundreds of platforms and applications – from Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to Searchmetrics, Google Analytics or Matomo to Google Search Console or Google Trends, just to name a few.

Pre-built dashoard

instead of modular chaos

Dashboard vendors all do the same thing? That may be true of the rest, but not of H-einz. Here you get ready-made dashboards tailored to your needs, with which you can start immediately and which you do not have to refine for hours in a modular system. 

Brilliantly simple

With the pre-built dashboards from H-einz, you can get started right away. Direct and straightforward, plug-and-play as it were. Simply log in and you can use the structured and ordered data to optimize your web performance in detail. 

Simply useful

In order to strategically segment your target groups and efficiently reach them via various touchpoints, you need to distribute your marketing budget wisely. The technology-based approach of H-einz dashboards provides valuable insights from big data – from SEO to SEA to social media campaigns.

H-einz Dashboards overview

H1-Dashboard Market

The H1-Dashboard Market is suitable for all those who want to get to know the market and their competitors, in order to derive valuable insights for their own actions.  

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H1-Dashboard website

The H1-Dashboard website is ideal for companies that want to focus on building an SEO strategy and optimize their content based on their keywords.

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H1-Dashboard Individual

The H1-Dashboard Individual is particularly well suited for medium and large companies who want to have an overall view of their web presence.

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Are you interested in SEO with Searchmetrics but don't want to do a deep dive first? Through H-einz as an official and certified Searchmetrics partner, you can obtain user-friendly licenses at top conditions.

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